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 “I was overwhelmed with the complexities of obtaining a coastal construction permit for my property. Thanks to Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting, the process was a breeze. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured that I got the necessary permits without any issues at all. I highly recommend their services to anyone navigating marine permitting regulations.”

Ryan D

Seawall Design Services for Waterfront Properties in Southwest Florida

The need for sturdy coastal defenses is paramount for waterfront properties in Southwest Florida. At Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting, we offer seawall design services for homeownerscondo associations, and commercial business owners in the area who need a seawall built on their property or an aging or damaged seawall replaced. Our team of consultants is dedicated to creating seawall designs that safeguard waterfront properties from the elements. 

Crafting Resilient Seawall Designs

Seawall design is a delicate balance between engineering excellence and aesthetic considerations. Our approach goes beyond the functional aspect, seamlessly blending form and function. Whether you require seawall replacement or a new installation, we will design your marine retaining wall to be the defining feature of your waterfront property. 

Expert Seawall Planning Services

Our seawall design consultants understand the challenges posed by coastal environments. With our deep expertise, we design solutions that stand strong against erosion, waves, and tides. Furthermore, we will obtain all the necessary permits for your seawall design, and we will ensure it adheres to municipal building code requirements so you can move forward with your project with peace of mind. We also offer seawall inspection reports, in addition to project feasibility reports. 

Speak With a Seawall Design Consultant – We Serve Naples, Bonita Springs & Fort Myers Beach, FL

Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting invites you to embrace resilience and elevate your coastal living experience with a marine retaining wall design that embodies strength and beauty. Contact us today to learn more about our seawall design services. We’re located in Bonita Springs and serve Naples, Fort Myers Beach, and other communities throughout Southwest Florida. 

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