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“Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting played a crucial role in obtaining the necessary permits for our marine project. Their dedication and knowledge was evident from the first time we met with the owners. They walked us through both the design and engineering process and recommended the best path forward. Thanks to their efforts, our seawall and dock layout are exactly what we had always wanted!”

Dylan H

Marine Engineering Services for Waterfront Properties in Southwest Florida

  • Seawall & Riprap Revetment Engineering
  • Custom Docks
  • Marine Design
  • Marine Site Assessments
  • Seawall and Dock Inspection Letters
  • Coastal Vulnerability Assessments


Homeownerscondo associations, and commercial property owners in Southwest Florida face unique challenges with their waterfront properties due to the coastal climate. If you own a dock, seawall, or other marine structure that has deteriorated with age or sustained storm damage—or if you’re looking to add a dock or seawall to your propertyFlorida Marine Engineering & Consulting can help with our marine engineering services. We specialize in marine planning and design, ensuring a custom solution and long-term resilience of your revitalized marine environment. 

Seawall & Riprap Revetment Engineering

We will do all the design work and provide signed and sealed engineering drawings for Seawalls and riprap revetments. The seawall design analyst will incorporate different Seawall panel types, including concrete and vinyl Seawall panels, and we will provide the best recommendation tailored for your property. Signed engineering plans are required to obtain local building permits. we provide permit close out certification letters as well for the engineered plans

The Marine Engineering Company You Can Rely On

When a failing dock or seawall disrupts your waterfront tranquility, choosing the right marine engineering company to provide a redesign is crucial in restoring your property to support your lifestyle. Our passion for crafting resilient designs and dedication to navigating regulatory hurdles set us apart from other marine consulting companies in the areaIn addition to obtaining permits, we offer seawall and dock inspection reports, along with project feasibility reports.

Custom Docks

We will design your custom dock within the limitations of the rules and regulations. If you want to launch a kayak, jet ski, or boat, we will come up with the best mixed-use design. We design the docks around the make and model of each vessel to ensure a good fit within the dock while sizing the appropriate boat lift for each vessel. We design many docks that transition into uplands decks that flow right into your pool deck.

Marine Design

We can provide multiple conceptual Marine design layouts for your site, and for any size and type of vessel. We will maximize your slip count based on the site location. We will work with the state and federal environmental agencies to obtain the proper permits required for the construction of the marina.

Marine Site Assessments

We provide existing site assessments for single and multifamily homeowners and commercial developers. We will go to the site and investigate the existing conditions of the docs, seawalls, or riprap and provide a written inspection letter. These assessments are usually for transfer of ownership or for the prospective home buyer.

Learn More About Marine Engineering – We Serve Naples, Bonita Springs & Fort Myers Beach, FL

At Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting, we recognize that your waterfront property holds cherished memories and aspirations, and we understand how eager you are to continue living your Florida lifestyle to the fullest. Allow us to help you pave the way toward a beautiful waterfront where you can make many more years of memories with your family and friends.  

Contact us today to embark on a restoration journey that combines your vision with our marine engineering expertiseWe’re located in Bonita Springs and offer residential and commercial marine consulting services in Naples, Fort Myers Beach, and throughout Southwest Florida.

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