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“Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting played a crucial role in obtaining the necessary permits for our marine project. Their dedication and knowledge was evident from the first time we met with the owners. They walked us through both the design and engineering process and recommended the best path forward. Thanks to their efforts, our seawall and dock layout are exactly what we had always wanted!”

Dylan H

Marine Permitting Solutions for Southwest Florida Residents

  • State and Federal Environmental Marine Permitting
  • Local Municipality Variances
  • Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting
  • Sovereign Submerging Land Leasing

When marine services are needed to build or replace marine structures, navigating the environmental landscape for marine permitting can be overwhelming. At Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting, we simplify the permitting process for Southwest Florida homeownerscondo associations, and commercial business owners who are seeking to revitalize their waterfront properties. Thanks to our industry expertise, we obtain all the necessary marine permits to execute our custom marine plans and designs. 

State and Federal Environmental Marine Permitting

At Florida Marine Engineering and Consulting we will obtain all Department of Environmental Protection (DEP),  and Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE)  environmental permits when they pertain to your dock and shoreline. We will permit at all levels from exemptions to individual permits depending on the scope of the project. The structures we specialize in our seawalls, riprap revetments, docks, decks, dune overwalks, and marinas.  you also do all the necessary design work needed for the permitting process.

A Reliable Partner for Marine Design and Permitting

When it comes to reimagining your waterfront and ensuring it is up to code, experience matters. At Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting, our success stories in securing various permits, from marina permits to dock permits, speak for themselves. Plus, we ensure our marine designs meet municipal building codes. With our knowledgeable team by your side, you can trust that your project will be in the most capable hands. 

Local Municipal Variance

Need to push the envelope and complete a project that doesn’t directly comply with the local municipal code, we will help you through the variance process, regarding your shoreline and dock. This includes boat dock extensions, side yard setback variances, dock protrusion variances, no-rise surveys, and boathouse establishment petitions.

Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting

We will permit structures that are waterward of the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL). CCCL Permitting is related to all structures along our beaches. We specialize in doing walkovers.

Sovereign Submerged Land Leases

Projects that fall within the natural water bodies of the State of Florida may require a submerged land lease (SLL) pending the size of the facility. In the state of Florida if a facility is greater than a 10:1  ratio of preempted area compared to the linear footage of Shoreline the facility would require an SLL. A submerged land lease is an agreement you make with the state where you pay an annual fee to lease the rights of the submerged bottom. We can do all the design and permitting to help you obtain a new lease from the state or help bring an existing facility back into compliance.

Having issues with the land lease out of compliance and confused about what needs to be done? We will happily guide you through the process of bringing your facility into compliance.

Learn More About Our Marine Permitting Services in Naples, Bonita Springs & Fort Myers Beach, FL

At Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting, our mission is to empower you to revitalize your waterfront property with confidence. For your project, we will work with you to create the optimal marine design to meet your needs, and we will handle the complexities of the marine permitting process so that construction can begin with no hiccups. 

Contact Florida Marine Engineering & Consulting today for more information about marine permitting. We’re located in Bonita Springs and serve Naples, Fort Myers Beach, and other communities throughout Southwest Florida. 

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